Important Information

Felting is not an exact science. Its appearance will vary depending on how strong I feel that day, my mood, the weather, you name it!  That is why I like it ......  

The majority of my goods are hand made, and as such are all unique.  Some more than others depending on the product.

As I work on my own and make everything myself , there are times, (such as when I am away at a fair and/ or particularly busy periods), when I cannot deliver items in a specified time, therefore, I prefer not to specify a delivery time. (An announcement bar at the top of the website will notify of any absences).

I will endeavour, under normal circumstances, to dispatch pebbles, cards, mugs and coasters within five working days, and all other items within two weeks. If this is not possible you will be informed at the time of your order.  If your order cannot be completed in an agreeable time, a refund will be offered.  If time is an issue, please contact me before ordering.  

Apart from cards, mugs and coasters, all items are handmade and will vary slightly from those illustrated.  Fabric details within my products are continually evolving, and often different from those illustrated - that is what makes them unique.  If you would like an image of your product  before dispatch, please email me.

My shop holds a  selection of products.  If you have seen products that you are interested in elsewhere that are not listed, please contact me.

Shipping - Postage and packing is included in the price for the UK only.  For customers outside the UK, please contact me for shipping costs.

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